Ohhhhhh, I'm haalfway theerrreeeee

PET scan results came back amazingly and say that the mass in my chest has been shrinking at a good rate--which means three more rounds of chemo left (since I just had my third one a few days ago)! I'm half way there! Although three more sounds like a lot to me, I'm so glad it isn't more or anything more intense. You cannot believe how relieved I am. 

This past chemo was a little different for me because they didn't give me benadryl (a preventative for the flu like symptoms that one of the chemicals sometimes has on the body) so I was up for basically the entire 7 hours-minus the 30 minutes I may have fallen asleep on my hand-I was there sitting in that weird reclining chair. I sometimes get a bed but there were so many people there on Friday that I was moved. Hand IVs aren't any fun either, but oh well. I need to figure out what I can do with my time while I'm there aside from sitting and staring at the really boring curtains. Any ideas?