#peanut #eternalnightmares

Yesterday I conquered a fear or two (or had multiple small panic attacks)--mainly involving getting close to a tarantula that wasn't at Petco in a glass cage...but it was pretty exciting (and also 100% frightening). I learned a lot more about tarantulas than I probably needed to know but am glad I learned (not as quickly as I had hoped) that they are NOT jumping spiders and that they are actually way more fragile than they look. However, a spider is a spider and although their walks sometimes look like funny and even cute little dances (the furry legs, oh my) they are still entirely nightmare provoking. 

Audrey and I shot in three different locations but she proved to be as sexy as ever, duh. 

Winter break is slowly coming to an end! Aahh!

Enjoy some silly pictures before you go!