4th of July

I spent the 4th of July at a friend's bbq where I mainly stuffed my face with potato chips and french onion dip, perhaps my most favourite of bbq foods. After we finished eating and setting off colorful smoke bombs we played a game or two of tennis (even though only one of us really plays) and made our way to my friend's roof where we watched fireworks that were shot from the Wilshire Country Club. I may or may not post silly videos from the afternoon/fireworks shows! After managing to get down from the roof we climbed another roof where we found at least twenty other people watching other fireworks being shot off in all directions around LA. After we climbed down the sketchiest of fire escapes, you think we would have had enough action for the night but we decided that night swimming was a good idea and did that until we fell asleep (safely outside of the water, of course). What did you do for your fourth of July?