Beautiful Butterfly Blair

I've known this lovely lady since high school and I'd describe her as an absolutely blast to be around. Blair has always been a blast to shoot too--and she sure is a trooper! It was drizzling and windy and pretty much freezing up on that rooftop and she made it through and made it look effortless. Here are a few silly shots from the day~ 

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woops! raindrop on the lens!

Just figuring out white balance 

Just figuring out white balance 

Cool things

The Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and Hospital is exhibiting my work starting August 14th! 

Little update: I have one more 7 hour session of chemo sometime in August and then two more 2 hour sessions (just found out ugh) so I will be done done sometime in October. Thankfully, the last 2 don't interfere with hair growth.. so that's nice. 

I'm getting there! 

Ohhhhhh, I'm haalfway theerrreeeee

PET scan results came back amazingly and say that the mass in my chest has been shrinking at a good rate--which means three more rounds of chemo left (since I just had my third one a few days ago)! I'm half way there! Although three more sounds like a lot to me, I'm so glad it isn't more or anything more intense. You cannot believe how relieved I am. 

This past chemo was a little different for me because they didn't give me benadryl (a preventative for the flu like symptoms that one of the chemicals sometimes has on the body) so I was up for basically the entire 7 hours-minus the 30 minutes I may have fallen asleep on my hand-I was there sitting in that weird reclining chair. I sometimes get a bed but there were so many people there on Friday that I was moved. Hand IVs aren't any fun either, but oh well. I need to figure out what I can do with my time while I'm there aside from sitting and staring at the really boring curtains. Any ideas?

I'm Definitely Lovin' It

There really isn't a single thing better than babes with burgers (among other fantastic fast food items from Mickey Deees)! Talk about food porn! (haaaa) Classic. 

So glad to finally shoot with the two most adorable best friends, Layne and Thea.

Okay I'm done--enjoy these adorable silly pics.

Hungry yet?

St. Patrick's Day

There's nothing better than being gently rocked awake by a magnitude 4.7 earthquake (Go home, St. Patty, you're drunk.) except for taking pictures of the ever so lovely, Paige.

Just blinding my model

Just blinding my model

Just Paige being absolutely adorable (and in no green, may I add! *pinch*)

Just Paige being absolutely adorable (and in no green, may I add! *pinch*)



*cue 90's pop music jams and open all the windows* 

IT'S SPRING BREAK and there's no better way to spend a week without school than with friends! (sorry it's not quite your spring break yet, Irene--or if it's not yours either, viewer)


After an unproductive "road trip" of sorts yesterday, Irene and I decided that it'd be a good idea to get a few pictures of her in before the sun set and I was happy with the results (of course).

Here are a few adorably silly pics from the day: 


Did I mention that Irene is quite possibly the cutest human being I know?

Did I mention that Irene is quite possibly the cutest human being I know?

You can see how much she enjoys that I love taking photos of her in every way possible

You can see how much she enjoys that I love taking photos of her in every way possible

Let's just say that little boys  reallllyyy  like Irene too

Let's just say that little boys reallllyyy like Irene too

*insert moon face emoji here*

textbook model (stay in school, kids)

textbook model (stay in school, kids)

Some Traction Action

Ebonee is a gorgeous girl that I met at a group photo shoot that Jesse Willesee held at the Cobra Shop on Highland off Sunset! She runs her own fashion and photography blog and made a pretty cute video for the Jesse Willesee shoot too which you can find on: !! 

We explored a lot of the Arts District downtown and went to the Novel Cafe to cool ourselves down with Orange Pellegrino drinks and a iced chai green tea--- it was a hot, winter day **typical LA** sigh.

I entirely recommend walking around there (with a friend or two) and exploring up, down, and all around. You might just find a fancy hot dog place like Wurstküche along the way ;)

Here are a few silly photos from our escapade:



 hello, mister photo bomb

 hello, mister photo bomb


#peanut #eternalnightmares

Yesterday I conquered a fear or two (or had multiple small panic attacks)--mainly involving getting close to a tarantula that wasn't at Petco in a glass cage...but it was pretty exciting (and also 100% frightening). I learned a lot more about tarantulas than I probably needed to know but am glad I learned (not as quickly as I had hoped) that they are NOT jumping spiders and that they are actually way more fragile than they look. However, a spider is a spider and although their walks sometimes look like funny and even cute little dances (the furry legs, oh my) they are still entirely nightmare provoking. 

Audrey and I shot in three different locations but she proved to be as sexy as ever, duh. 

Winter break is slowly coming to an end! Aahh!

Enjoy some silly pictures before you go!




Take Me Back To New Orleans

My best friend is currently on a plane to good ol' New Orleans for college!

Fortunately, I got to take some photos of her before she left. 

Here are some silly ones. 



Bronson Canyon "YA BISH"

Darling Kirill has always been a model interest of mine and I finally got to shoot him! We went on a little adventure into the depths of the Hollywood Hills and had ourselves some fun. Who knew he could climb trees so well? (ha!) As always, he made the day fun and occasionally hilarious as he serenaded me with his favourite raps.  

Here you will find Kirill's best graffiti loving, horse trotting, Joker moments~


Makeup By LuLu

LuLu is a certified makeup artist I worked with the other day. 

Phone: 714-803-1199


It was a crazy day and a fun photoshoot!  



Model: Hannah R.

Model: Hannah R.

Langham Heist

I'm kidding. It wasn't a robbery at all-- unless you feel like you've been stolen of any chance of being as pretty as Hannah! If I had to describe this beauty in one word I would have to say sensational. Although I have known her for a short time, she has taught me many a thing-- like that it is more than possible to be more than just a "pretty face" and that dreams really do come true. I am thankful to have someone in my life that has killer looks, a fantastic personality and a bundle of smarts. (I can't say I'm not envious of her!)


Blood On The Leaves

This little cutie is always such a blast to shoot because she knows how to have fun and look great doing it. I don't think I could ask for a better best friend/neighbor.

Here are some silly shots from the day:



Make New Friends But Keep The Old

I have been friends with Sydney since we were too young to know better. She has graced this world with a beautiful singing voice and a laugh like no other! She has wit and charm beyond her years and I am glad I got to see her again after two years of being apart. Also, can you see what she's wearing? I'm obsessed with her "coat hangers"!


Natural Beauty

I haven't seen my friend Stella in person in what feels like forever but I could never forget such a beautiful face. She just started doing more photography work herself (she posts on her tumblr: and has some really gorgeous shots on there. Thankfully, I stole her from behind the camera for once and put her in front of it and I am in love with how that turned out! 


Observe and Report

Today I got to go somewhere I've been dying to visit for eleven years. The Griffith Observatory has been in the back of my mind for longer than I can remember and I've never taken the time to get out and appreciate it and what it has to offer. There is nothing more that I love than seeing my home from different perspectives. I may be small in comparison to this big city, but I have a great appreciation for it. My friend Audrey and I came here to shoot today and had a wonderful time looking outside at the view and inside at the stars. What an idea! And can you take a look at those rad shoes? 2 h!p 2 qu!t, I think!